Team Project
I am participating in various communities while working on NFT. Each community is creating projects with various themes and presenting works. I am active in two communities.
Its name is <Rhythmic NFT CLUB>, <K-NFT>.
Rhythmical NFT CLUB, R-Ticket
Rhythmical NFT CLUB, R-Ticket
Rhythmical NFT CLUB, Window
Rhythmical NFT CLUB, Window
K-NFT,  Pain
K-NFT, Pain
01. Rhythmic NFT CLUB, R-Ticket

It was designed using Rhythmic NFT CLUB's first spelling, "R". In our daily lives, we talk a lot about wanting to find freedom. I want to get away from many things that bind me, find rest, and think of running away. However, we are always in our imaginations, and we are busy living the reality. At some point, I feel that freedom is very grandiose and far away. At that time, I found myself looking at myself in front of the mirror and complaining without appreciating the smallest things. I decided to look back. I thought as I walked down the street. On some days, walking on a wide green meadow to the wind, lying on the beach in front of the blue sea, smiling even in the clear sky. I realized that freedom that I didn't see, with the door of my heart locked, is not so far away, but I just had to open a very small door of my heart by our side. It's a work that expresses that heart.
2. Rhythmical NFT CLUB, Window

The dark figure that the silhouette gives is a very bright color in the background, which gives effect. I use it a lot when I want to express it like a dream. This work expresses what I saw in my dream one day when I fell asleep for a while. Through this window collection, I expressed the satisfaction of someone who opens the window and looks at the people who care and love each other in front of the beautiful palace lit in the bright light. Like this work, I hope our lives will be beautiful like happy stories in fairy tales.

3. K-NFT, Pain
A long time ago, when I made a project video about war, I looked up a lot of related materials. A little boy covered in the dust of the war I saw a scene where he barked, and I still can't forget that scene. At the same time, whenever I heard this word, I thought about how the powerless children who looked at the war without knowing anything would feel. I don't think they can imagine the trauma they're going to have. Screaming and painful images of people shouting for help through the ruined buildings, crying and screaming in sorrow, where no one can hear or hear. I made a work called Pain, Pain, hoping that there would be no more pain in the place where I could only cry in loneliness and pain. Looking at the suffering children, I hope that the war will stop and that it will be a world of peace and harmony.
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