3D Charactor Design [Ari Life]
Ari Life Story​​​​​​
Jei, who worked as a photographer, heard a thud one day while he was working. 'What are you talking about...' When I ran out, there was a round child lying down in front of the yard. As I approached him, he suddenly opened his eyes and smiled. This guy I met, he's from an asteroid far away. He got lost trying to get to the mysterious fairy tale village and fell to Earth. Where is the mysterious fairy tale village? It is said that there is also a tundra ice village next to the village, but this friend who tells an unknown story, I am interested in it. He's a cute little guy who doesn't know where to go. He's full of curiosity and passion. Looking at it makes me interested, and I think it's going to be a good match for me, who loves adventure. We met for the first time in front of the yard and decided to go on an adventure trip together. He doesn't need a plane or a spaceship. If you imagine where you want to go, you can go anywhere. Our journey, which we left like that, begins now.
Introduce Collection <Ari Life>
Let me introduce the collection that Jay and Ari produce together.
The first collection we introduce is <Ari Life>.
This is Ari's travel photo collection taken by photographer Jei.
It tells the stories of daily life recorded by traveling around the world and the lives, adventures, and experiences of traveling together with Ari's asteroid. With the hope that our meeting and relationship will be full of good memories, we record a short travel essay together and produce it as a photo collection. Next, let me briefly introduce the collection that I'm planning. 

Another Collection Plan <Ari Friends> , <J&A Story>
​​​​​​​The second is <Ari Friends> collection, which introduces the friends Jei and Ari meet while traveling. The third is the <J&A Story> collection, which contains a short animation of the stories that we make through the trip together. The two collections are currently under planning and will be released one by one when the first collection is completed. The film will be released through the Ethereum chain. Please continue to show a lot of interest. Thank you.
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