The earth was polluted, and the last life signal from the earth arrived.
Robots living on other planets arrived on Earth to save the last living thing.
The last sign of life was in their hands. I got a hologram on my hand.
The robots began searching for the last life on Earth.
And they finally found the lives. And took them to their planet.
But I thought life wouldn't last long. The robots decided to clone the last living thing.
Now, what will happen to these last creatures and robots?
Last Sign Of Life
Last Sign Of Life
Reproduction of life
Reproduction of life
Introduce Artwork <Last Sign of Life>
​​​​​​​The earth was invaded by alien life. Then, the last signal sent to them. The signal that tells us we're alive - Hologram.
Introduce Artwork <Connection to Space, Reproduction of life>
Reproduction of life Robots that received the last signal from Earth brought them to the planet to save their last life, and they decided to clone life to sustain it.
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