2D Charactor Design [Chick Mate]
Chick Mate Story
Chicks, who live on the Gray Star, which is very close to Earth, came to Earth to play. While traveling around the Earth, I fell in love with the charm and thought I wanted to live on the Earth. I have a goal of continuing to make fun and exciting things by living together in a world where people live. Let’s play together in an infinite metabus world.
Introduce Creator
Hello, Welcome to Chick Mate. I’m Jei Park, a creator who works in various fields together. At first, I started working on video using Silhouette, and when I encountered a market called NFT. I started working on a new work. I started production in the form of a new project. because I wanted to connect with many people with the works I made to make the world bright and enjoyable. My goal is to grow and achieve one by one calmly within the big road map I draw.
Chick Mate Plan
This is a PFP file sold by OpenSea Klaythn. It is made in 2D, some of which will be made in the form of 3D. 3D works will be listed. Ethereum Chain will also unveil its work. Please continue to show a lot of interest. Thank you.​​​​​​​
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