Silhouette ​​​​​​​Animation #02
Colors Of The Wind
It is a video produced by being moved after listening to Oh Yeon-jun's wind-colored music.
At that time, in the children's program, Oh Yeon-jun sang the color of the wind, the OST of the musical Pocahontas, and I was moved and produced the feeling of the music through the silhouette.
It has a unique texture by putting Korean traditional paper in the background, and uses gradation colors to make the silhouette look better. In addition, this animation is used as a background video for musical music, so it consists of slow animation scenes so that music can be more effective. This music is "Colors of The Wind" from the OST of the musical Pocahontas.
You can see this movie in OpenSea. 
Please show a lot of interest. 
Thank you.
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