Silhouette Animation #04
Bragging about magpies
It is a one-minute animation video of a children's program produced by EBS in Korea. I thought the genre of silhouette could give children great imagination, so a production request came in. It was produced as a silhouette animation in a short scenario made by reinterpreting the contents of the fairy tale.
"They boasted of their talents in the forest. The Nightingale is a song, and the Duke is a colorful feather. The magpie, who was looking at his friends, was intimidated because he was not good at anything. One day, a fire broke out in the forest, and everyone didn't know it was on fire because they were sleeping. At that time, the magpie raised his voice and made a "caw, crow" sound, and spread his wings wide to wake up his friends and save them."
Please show a lot of interest. 
Thank you.
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